Implementation Objectives: mgui-neuro-1.0.0-beta

This page outlines the implementation objectives for the Launchpad milestone "mgui-neuro-1.0.0-beta". This is the initial release proposal for mgui-neuro.

Proposed release date: 30 June 2010

Executive Summary

This is to be the initial official beta release for mgui-neuro (and the modelGUI Project in general). The Features section details the outstanding feature proposals which should be implemented by the release date. The Issues and Bugs section details the outstanding issues and bugs that have been identified and which should be fixed by the release date.

The general target for this release is to have three main Series of the modelGUI Project implemented (core, exec, and neuro), with preliminary testing completed. The release will be beta, since it covers a broad spectrum of functionality and new issues and bugs are anticipated. The release will be publicized through this wiki, through Launchpad, through the NeuroPI website, through personal correspondence, and possibly through linking with other forums such as and NITRC.

The minimum requirement for this milestone is to have all items and issues with priority High implemented or fixed; lower priority items will be addressed as time and resources allow.



item status priority description
Documentation Partial High Ensure that all classes and public methods have associated Javadoc comments.

Issues and Bugs

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